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  • Jiangsu 7O7 Natural Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is modern high-tech enterprise dedicates to the manufacturing of natural pharmaceutical preparation and passed the national GMP certification.
    Our company is the leading enterprise of black plaster industry. We are High-tech Enterprise In Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Innovation Enterprise, Jiangsu Technology Medium and Small Enterprise, Jiangsu AAA Grade Contract and Trustworthy Enterprise ,Zhenjiang City A Grade Labor and Harmonious Model Enterprise. We were awarded the "Zhenjiang Advanced Enterprise Labor Awards".
    Through two years construction, the first stage project of "Technological reconstruction project of Chinese traditional medicine manufacturing" has completed. In 2010, the whole enterprise moved to Runzhou Industrial Park. The new plants, process, new equipments help to achieve new targets,new requirements.With the first class philosophy, management, our enterprise become a garden like natural pharmaceutical, logistics, and traditional Chinese medicine r&d modern pharmaceutical group with vigor and vitality.
    Our company has an obvious advantages in kinds, preparation resources. We have 14 traditional Chinese medicine production lines and 72 national medicine registration kinds. We are the most traditional Chinese medicine inheriting enterprise.
    We have "Jiangsu cataplasm engineering technology research center", undertake the project of "Large hydrophilic traditional Chinese cataplasm key technology development and industrialization" project is 2008 Jiangsu important technology transformation into capital projects.
    Build company management system according to modern enterprise system requirements and implement general manager responsibility system under the leadership of board of directors. The chairman and secretary of party general branch Geng Tongquan, post graduate degree, senior engineer, is the principle of Jiangsu Cataplasm Engineering Technical Research Center, vice chairman of China Association of Promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine the Second Professional Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical, member of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, guest editor of "Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines", adjunct associate professor of Jiangsu University, direct of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and the top-notch personnel training object of "Jiangsu Province High-level Entrepreneurial & Innovative Personnel Training Program".
    "Break the tradition, pursue modern, lock the future,7O7 step a new stage"! With the philosophy of "protect human health, create bright furture",follow the trend of treasure life, health, pursuit the back to nature,we'll take the opportunity of the new factory, take the advantages of traditional natural medicine,to provide high quality natural medicine for human beings and make contribution to the traditional Chinese medicine.





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    Zhenjiang City,Jiangsu Province
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